Germann Pull Inginter 42 (Z.Z. 42)German Mechanical Time and Percussion Fuze S/60 Fl (Dopp.Z. S/60 Fl)
(Dopp.Z. S/60 s)

(Figs 5, 6 and 7)

The fuze which has already been described briefly in Pamphlet No. 1 is used in H.E. shell for the follwing equipments:–

Geb.G. 36 (7,5 cm mountain gun)

F.K. 16 n.A. (7.5 cm field gun) (obsolete)

l.F.H. 16 and 18 (10.5 cm howitzers)

10 cm K 17 and K 17/04 n.A. (10.5 cm field guns) (obsolete)

s. 10 cm K. 18 (10.5 cm medium gun)

lg. s. F.H. 13 (15 cm howitzer) (obsolete)

s.F.H. 18 (15 cm howitzer)

The external appearance of the fuze is the same as that of the Zt.Z. S/30, described in Pamphlet No. 8, except that it bears the stamping "Dopp.Z. S/60s" just above the flange. The time mechanism of the fuze is of the clock spring type and is the same as that des-cribed for the Zt.Z. S/30 but has a time of running of 60 seconds.

The percussion mechanism is of the graze type and is contained in a central recess be-low the time mechanism. The recess has a flash hole at the base and has two increases in diameter towards the mouth. The mouth is screwthreaded to receive the needle disc.

The graze mechanism is of the type commonly used in German noses fuzes and consists of a brass inertia pellet, with detonator, which is held off a fixed needle by a creep spring and four centrifugal segments. The segments are pivoted on pins in the platform by the change in diameter, and are encircled by the usual expanding spring ring.

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7


The time action is the same as that described for the Zt.Z. S/30 in Pamphlet No. 8.

The fuze is set to safety mark on the gratuated setting key when percussion action is required. When set at this position, the cut away part of the hand race at the top of the dome inset is masked by the safety bridge. Thus, although the hand is released by the trigger when acceleration occurs and is rotated by the mechanism during flight, it cannot rise to release the striker. The percussion arrangement is armed by centrifugal force du-ring flight by the enlargement of the expanding spring ring which permits the pivoted segments to be swing clear of the inertia pellet. The pellet is prevented from creeping during the period of deceleration by the creep spring between the needle disc and the pellet. On graze the momentum of the pellet overcomes the spring and the detonator is impinged on the needle.

Germann Pull Inginter 42 (Z.Z. 42)German Mechanical Time and Percussion Fuze S/60 Fl (Dopp.Z. S/60 Fl)