Submarine Rocket Pistol Mk 1 Mod 0Chapter 6 - Motor Torpedo Boat Pyrotechnics: Description
Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8

103. The Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8 (Fig. 43) is a breech-loading, double-action signal pistol. The barrel, hinged to the frame, is held in firing position by the breech lock. The plastic grips, back plate, and cover plate fasten to the aluminum frame and acts as a housing for the firing mechanism. The principle parts of this pistol are shown in Figs. 43 and 44. For sequence of loading and firing, see Figs. 45, 46, 47, and 48.

Figure 43. – Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8

Figure 44. – Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8

Figure 45. – Tripping Breech Lock of Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8

Figure 46. – Loading

Figure 47. – Firing.

Figure 48. – Extracting Expended Shell

Figure 49. – Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8 (Exploded View)

A-L.H. grip

x-barrel pivot stud screw
b-grip stud y-trigger screw z-r. h. grip
c-cover plate and back plate aa-grip screw
d-back plate assembly bb-ejector
e-hammer spring cc-bushing retainer set screw
f-safety lever dd-bushing retainer
g-safety lever spring ee-firing pin spring ff-firing pin
h-barrel pivot stud gg-trigger guard
i-hammer hh-barrel hinge spring screw
j-frame ii-trigger slide pin
k-barrel hinge spring jj-trigger
l-breech lock kk-trigger guard screw
m-breech lock spring ll-cover plate mm-trigger spring
n-mount latch nn-trigger slide
o-latch spring oo-trigger pawl spring
p-breech lock housing pp-trigger pawl
q-breeck lock pin qq-trigger pawl pin
r-barrel rr-pawl trip roller
s-barrel recoil lug ss-pins
t-barrel hinge  
u-ejector spring retaining pin  
v-ejector spring  

w-ejector pin


Care, Cleaning, and Lubrication

104. Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8 must be kept in serviceable condition at all times. It should be cleaned thoroughly and all pricipal parts (see Fig. 44) wiped with a cloth im-pregnated with a light machine oil after each using. When assembled, the exposed parts should be wiped with a dry cloth. The barrel should be swabbed with a cloth dampened with acetone or other solvent to remove the powder residue.

Safety Precautions

105. When loading and firing any pyrotechnic pistol, care should be taken never to point it in the direction of other personnel or vessels. With rocket signals, some recoil of the pistol will be encountered. Therefore, the pistol should be held to that the elbow is slightly bent, to absorb the shock of the recoil. Pyrotechnic pistols should never be used for firing any ammunition other than the prescribed for use in them.

Submarine Rocket Pistol Mk 1 Mod 0Chapter 6 - Motor Torpedo Boat Pyrotechnics: Description